Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions



All fares advertised are in Australian dollars, per person, for one-way travel only. All sale fares apply to limited seats. Sale fares are non-transferrable and non-refundable, unless prearranged with the Office.


The Company accepts no liability for lost or damaged luggage. Luggage allowance per person - 2 Medium Size Suitcases or 1 x Large Suitcase (not to exceed 30kg per item) and Hand Luggage (not to exceed 5kg) per Fare.  Hand Luggage can be taken on the Coach with the Passenger. Extra pieces of Luggage will be charged at $20 per piece. Large Surfboards $20, Bikes $25, Golf Bags $15, Knee/Boogie Boards $ 10 and Water Skis $10. Additional Freight or Luggage are not guaranteed to depart on requested service, may be held for next available service. Hover boards will not be carried. For safety reasons certain goods or articles cannot be carried, such as weapons, explosive goods and flammable items.

Alcohol, Smoking & Drugs

Australian Federal and State Government Regulations prohibit Smoking, the consumption of Alcohol and the conveyance or ingestion of illicit Drugs on Coaches. Passengers under the influence of Alcohol or illicit Drugs will not be permitted to board the coach. If a Passenger is found to be consuming Alcohol or ingesting illicit Drugs on board the Coach the Coach Capitan has the right to expel the Passenger Immediately.

 Timetables and Fares

All correct timetables and fares can be accessed at ypcoaches.com.au.  Always refer to our direct website for correct information.  Do not refer to any links via google, rail maps, etc as this information can be incorrect and not the responsibility of Yorke Peninsula Coaches to update. The company reserves the right to cancel, vary or substitute any service in any way for any reason deemed necessary.

 Disruptive Behaviour

Persons behaving in a Disruptive Manner may be removed from the Coach at the sole discretion of the Coach Captain, and the Police may be called.  Respect and Privacy is to be shown to all fellow Passengers and Coach Captain at all times.  The Coach Captain has the right to expel or remove any passenger at any point in the journey for any reason or in the interest of the comfort and safety of himself and other passengers.

 Dress Requirements

A reasonable standard of Personal Hygiene, Clean Clothing and Footwear is required.

 Seat Allocation

Seat Allocation requests are not guaranteed.


Passengers should arrive at departure point 30 minutes prior to departure, whether at a Passenger terminal or en route. All passenger must be standing visible to the driver and hail at all stops.

 Unaccompanied Children

Children up to and including 7 years must be accompanied by a person 15 years or older.

Children aged 8 to 14 years inclusive will be carried provided a letter of authority form is completed and given to the driver before departure, forms can be obtained from our website, contacting the office. No responsibility will be accepted by the company for unaccompanied children whilst in transit, however all due care will be exercised.  Passengers 15 Years and older may travel on their own.

 Child Restraints

It is the parents responsibility and discretion as to if they wish to restrain their child in an age appropriate Child Restraint.  Relevant anchor points are provided in all Coaches, however it is the parent’s responsibility to provide a car seat and fit into the Coach.  The driver can offer assistance, but it is purely the parent’s responsibility to make sure that the seat is fitted properly and securely.  Yorke Peninsula Coaches holds no responsibility when fitting a Child Restraint.

 Fare Concessions

Children under the age of 4 years travel free of charge.

Concession Rates apply for Children aged 4 to 15 years, Pensioners, Seniors, Unemployed, Students and Tertiary Students.  An eligible card must be presented to the driver on boarding the Coach. Approved Concession Cards can be view on our Website.

If the relevant Card cannot be shown on boarding, the Driver will collect the additional portion of the fare to make up to a Full Fare.  Students 15years and older must present Student Card on boarding or a Full Fare will be charged.

PLEASE NOTE - Health Care or Medicare Cards are not eligible for Concession Fares


 Personal Identification

Photo ID should be carried with you at all times when travelling on a Yorke Peninsula service.


No Animals are allowed on Yorke Peninsula Coaches, with the exemption of day old chicks.  Guide Dogs and Assistance Dogs are allowed only if Government Approved supporting document is show to the Coach Capitan on boarding.


Call the office on 88212755 to inquire.  For Safety reasons No Flammable, Explosive Goods, Acid Batteries or freight over 30kgs will be carried.  Fruit and vegetables will not be carried due to Government Quarantine Regulations.

Meals and Refreshments

Meals or refreshments are not provided by the company, although stopovers en-route will be provided where food and drinks can be purchase.  We ask that all rubbish is disposed of and spills cleaned up or reported to the Coach Captain.

Other Conditions

Yorke Peninsula Coaches will not be liable for any accident, injury or death or any passenger, nor loss or damage to personal effects or luggage, irrespective of the conditions from which such accident, injury, death, loss or damage may have arisen.

Yorke Peninsula Coaches will not be responsible for any inconvenience, or loss occasioned to delays to services and additional cost of accommodation, transport and associated expenses and this includes adverse weather.

No guarantee, express or implied attached to any motor vehicle owned by, leased by, or operated for the company, nor can the operator or its agents accept liability for any loss, delay, cancellation of service, death or irregularity that may occur to be occasioned by any cause whatsoever and it is expressly agreed that all bookings are made and accepted under these stipulations and conditions.

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